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If you are looking for halal restaurants, halal food stores, halal fast food, the location of a mosque or any other Islamic attractions such as tourism and Islamic culture then our website is perfect for you. The website contains different images about halal food, fruits and vegetables, Islamic clothe stores, Islamic schools, Islamic architectures, Middle Eastern food, Pakistani food and etc. Our advanced search function allows you to select the category that you want to search for from drop down list, write your desired city or state in the keyword box and then select the country from drop down list and lastly click on the search button and you are up with all the information you need. And the information will include the complete map location of that place or item and all other details including address, state, city, phone, email and web addresses with social media links where you can easily find the contact information of your selected restaurants, stores, schools and banks etc.

For example, you can get information about halal restaurants that are located all around the world. Let’s say you are planning to travel to Europe or North America and you don’t know where to eat halal food or where to buy halal meat in the city you are visiting, our website will provide you the complete with this information in just a few clicks. All information you need for your travel is just one click away. Our website also guides you about the Islamic banking. You can find information about any Islamic bank of the world in no time.  Similarly the people who are fond of Islamic book reading can find out information about wide variety of Islamic books and Islamic book stores. You just have to visit our website and you can get all guidance without any cost. The website is a source of free travel information that you can use devoid of any price and save much of your time and money.

Suppose now you own a restaurant offering halal meals in Australia and you want that Muslims visiting Australia find your restaurant easily, all you need to do is to register on Halalna and submit your restaurant free of charge. You can upload images of your halal business including images of your halal food and halal meals. If you don’t have images ready, our website will provide visitors with representative images of the type of food you offer. You can come back later and upload images when they are ready. Our website will create a complete page for your halal restaurant, halal food store, halal book store, or any halal business you submit. You have full control of information and the images you provide and you can edit your page at any time. But here is the best thing; our website is fully integrated with social media and once you have submitted your halal restaurant or halal food store (or any other Islamic business or service you offer), the information is directly published on Facebook and twitter. This allows you to reach many potential customers for your halal business entirely free. Yes, let me repeat that, all of these feature including social media publication of your halal restaurant are completely free of charge.

One of the best portions of our website for you is the browse section. Using the browse option you can easily browse halal restaurants, halal food stores, Islamic book stores, Islamic clothes store and mosques etc. and using the submission option you can submit your listings including restaurants, food stores and your books and clothes stores and so on.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter by entering just your email into the subscription box. In this way you will be able to receive news letters from our website in future. These newsletters are actually a feature rich valuable magazine on all new developments in Halalna and regarding doing halal business in general. If you are the owner of a halal restaurant for example, you can also write an article about your halal offering to be published free of charge in our newsletter.